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A Reflection On
Our Achievements

As an organization, Kids&Codes strives towards achieving our goals and fulfilling our mission. We work towards making a positive impact in the world and contributing towards improving society. Our efforts have resulted in significant achievements that we are proud of.

The Milestones We've Reached

Kids&Codes has achieved some incredible milestones that we are proud to share with you. From positively impacting our community to reaching global audiences, we have accomplished more than we ever thought possible.

We have put in countless hours of hard work, dedication, and commitment toward our mission. We have faced challenges and obstacles but have always persevered and come out stronger on the other side.

We hope to inspire others to join us in our mission and work toward making the world a better place.

March 2023 - Recognized by Scientix

Kids&Codes has been recognized as one of the leading educational organizations promoting education and innovation opportunities in Europe by Scientix, the number one community for science education in Europe.

February 2023 - Renew accreditation by

Kids&Codes renewed accreditation by and was recognized globally in science and technology.

November 2022 - Participation in the International Kids Conference

Our students who participated in the Global Innovation Challenge got free tickets to participate in the International Kids Conference.

In partnership with and krya, and with the support of the United Nations, in celebration of International Children’s Day.

October 2022 - Winning Awards

Three Kids&Codes teams have been selected for two Communication Awards and one Process Award because of their innovations and outstanding presentation at the Global Innovation Challenge in partnership with

May 2022 - Participation & Winning Multiple Awards at the Education Challenge

In May 2022, 5 distinguished students participated in Invent Future. Global SDG4 Education Challenge and received several awards, Education Challenge Finalist Award, the Best Presentation Award, and the Peer Cheer Award.

October 2021 - Global Innovation Impact Award

The Eco Fitness Team has been awarded the Global Innovation Impact Award in the 2022 Global Innovation Challenge.

May 2021 - Two Medals in the WER World Robotics Competition

The Power-Full and FireDuo teams of Kids&Codes students each won a silver and a bronze medal in the WER World Robotics Competition for placing second and third in the Intermediate division and Elementary division, respectively, which were held in the United Kingdom, qualifying them for the World Championship final competition.
The two teams also won a special tour of the Robotics Research Center in Sheffield, UK.

Children initially learn the Scratch language (software building blocks) because of its ease and simplicity in presenting the most important principles of programming, and when the child masters the basics, he begins to learn advanced scripting languages such as Python in advanced courses later

Our courses are offered according to various programming tracks, each track consists of three courses that extend over six months, so that the duration of each course is two months (a lesson per week) within a team of 3 to 5 students with a specialized trainer and a special platform for communication and continuous evaluation of students’ performance and programming level.

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