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Frequently Asked Questions​

Children initially learn the Scratch language (software building blocks) because of its ease and simplicity in presenting the most important principles of programming, and when the child masters the basics, he begins to learn advanced scripting languages such as Python in advanced courses later

Our courses are offered according to various programming tracks, each track consists of three courses that extend over six months, so that the duration of each course is two months (a lesson per week) within a team of 3 to 5 students with a specialized trainer and a special platform for communication and continuous evaluation of students’ performance and      programming level.

.The student obtains an accredited certificate from, after evaluating his performance at the end of each track

.We always strive to make our courses exemplary, as the number of students per session ranges from 3 to 5 students only

.To attend a course at Kids&Codes, the child only has to own a computer and have a good and stable internet connection

By credit card or debit card through our payment link or by PayPal.

We offer a 10% discount for siblings, in addition to special discounts and discounts during holidays and special occasions.

The student has the right to withdraw, and we will guarantee him a return of half of the fees paid if the withdrawal was made at the beginning of the course (during the first two sessions), otherwise no fees will be returned later.

Kids&Codes provides your child with a placement test available in Arabic and English, based on which the appropriate course will be chosen for him.

Young learners can join the coding journey from 5 to 15 years. Each course is divided into several tracks and levels per age and experience level.